* 1974 Belgrade, Yugoslavia. She graduated at the department for the World Literature at the Belgrade University in 1997.In 1998 she studied photography at the Art Institute of Boston, with Christopher James and Jane Tuckerman as main teachers. In 1999 she was invited to participate in the work of Fabrika, Italy. In 2003 she was on Kultur Kontakt Artist in Residence programme. She published photographs in many magazines (EXIT, Remont, COLORS, Status, Jefimija, M Magazine, NIN, Telegraf, COOL, Vreme Zabave, Ritam).She collaborated with Belgrade offices of UNICEF, OXFAM, IOCC on many publications and print campaigns. Also, she is collaborating with several Belgrade advertising agencies on commercial print campaigns. Since 2005 she is conducting photography workshops with young people in multiethnic regions of Serbia and Montenegro – Communication project. She is member of ULUPUDS – Serbian Association of Visual and Applied Artists.




2007 – MADLENE, Zvono gallery, Belgrade

2006 – DAS IST KUNST, with Milica Pekic Conev, O3ONE gallery, Belgrade

2005 – WITHOUT THE BORDERS, KulturKontakt, Vienna


Selected groupshows:



2006 – CULTURE OF FEAR, Halle 14 in der Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig (presentation of COMMUNICATION project)

2005 – I CAN’T REMEMBER MY OWN DREAMS, KunstPavillion, Innsbruck

2004 – HAPPY-TO-BE-THERE, Monat de Photographie, Vienna


2007 – Reenacting Moments in Prishtina and Belgrade





* 1981 in Prishtina, Kosova. lebt und arbeitet in Prishtina, Teilnehmer am Residency Programm der Reichsakademie für bildende Kunst in Amsterdam




2006 Artists Space, New York




2006 “Ethnic Marketing,,  Azad Gallery, Tehran

Galerie Adler, Frankfurt (Main) Germany

,,This is not America,, ByArt Projects Gallery, Tel Aviv

 2005 ,,Istanbul,, International Istanbul Biennale, Turkey.

,,e-flux Video Rental,, The Moore Space-Miami, KW Institute for Contemporary Art-Berlin,Manifesta Foundation-Amsterdam.

,,Kosovo.exe,, The Brno House of Arts, Brno.

2004,,e-flux Video Rental,, e-flux, New York. ,,Mediterraneans.Arte Contemporanea,, MACRO al Mattatoio, Roma. ,,Onufri prize,, National Gallery, Tirana.

,,Coalesce: With all due intent,, Model Arts and Nilland Gallery,

Sligo, Ireland.





* 1982 in Prishtina, Kosova. Lives and works in Prishtina

Education :


2002 - 2005 Graduated on “Faculty of Art” at the University of Prishtina.


since 2007: Professor for "estetik of space", department of architecture, university of Prishtina.




- Stacion Center for Contemporary Art, Prishtina > Winners/ Losers ,Curatorial by Albert Heta 20 - 27 March 2007


-7stock, 16 May, Dresden/Germany, Talk presentation.


groupshows :


 -“Pa Titull” 9. - 15-,2007.NoD Gallery Prague,curator Petrit Hoxha

- Sparwasser .HQ. May 29., Berlin/Germany.

2003: “Kosovar Contemporary Artists are the Avangarde of __________________”. Rene Block, Prishtina 2003

Albert Heta, Sokol Beqiri (presented by Albert Heta), Flaka Haliti, Jakup Ferri (presented by Flaka Haliti), Moderator Tobi Maier (Kurator, Frankfurter Kunstverein)

-Festival “Exodus Onstage”, University of Manchester, England /25/11/2006.


-„Prishtina Sounds“,Audio Instalation , National Museum of Kosova ,29/4/2006 .


-“Akademy REMIX”- 18-23 November 2005/ Portikus -Frankfurt Main .


-“Belegrade Artist Reporter” , REX & B92 / 3-14.2005 –Belgrade .


-„Missing Identity“ ,/ National Museum of Kosova / 30/9/2005–Prishtinë.


-“Liria e Lëvizjes“ culture campaign performance, organized by„Urban FM 103.5“, July /2005/Prishtina.


- Presentation AT StadtRaum/Frankfurt/Main – July 25 /2005.


-“Studentët për Studentë”, Students Gallery Center , 24/5/2005 Prishtina.


-Rahovec- workshop/exhibition ,2004.


-“Art Without Borders” Regional Young Artist–Workshop 3-9 /Maj 2004 ,Artaid .


-“Kinse ART “ 2004 , organized by “KAN” and radio ”Urban FM “ 2004



2007 – Reenacting Moments in Prishtina and Belgrade




Jetmir Idrizi


* 1984 born in Prishtina, since 2006 he is working as a photojournalist in Gazeta Express Newspaper, Prishtina. He graduated the Journalism Faculty in Prishtina. In 2007, Aug - Sept, he did an internship at Eduardo Perez studio in Frankfurt.


2007 Photodocumentation for Reenacting Moments in Prishtina and Belgrade






* 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia. Graduated in 2005 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Currently at the post graduate studies at the same Faculty, painting department (mentor Gordan Nikolic). Member of ULUS since 2006.


Soloshows – selection:


2007 - City views, independent art association Remont, Belgrade, Serbia


2007 – The Life You’d Like To Lead , National museum, Krusevac, Serbia


2007 – Target market, DOB Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia


2006 - Hiperrealno, Independent Art Association NUA IZBA, Novi Sad, Serbia


2006 – Paintings, DKSG, Belgrade, Serbia


Groupshows – selection


2007 – Remake of simulated, remake of the real, Kontekst Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia


2007 - Drawings of students of Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in honor of 70th anniversary of Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Centre culturel fracais (French cultural centre), Belgrade, Serbia


2006 – 47th Oktober salon – „Life, art and confusion“, Belgrade, Serbia


2006 – Festival of free culture (Festival slobodne kulture), DOB, Belgrade, Serbia

2006 – ULUS New Members, Artists Pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzoric”, Belgrade, Serbia


2006 – April meetings (Aprilski susreti); SKC, Belgrade, Serbia


2005 – 6th Fair of Short electronic form - KEF 6, KC REX, Belgrade, Serbia




2001 - Award for drawing, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia


2006 – Gallery of Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation award for best exhibition in season 2005/06, Belgrade, Serbia




2007 – Reenacting Moments in Prishtina and Belgrade


2006 – „Outside project“, with artgroup „Next Question“ from Pittsburg, USA – Kontekst gallery, Belgrade, Serbia


2005 – Conversations with Jannis Kounellis (Jannis Kounellis was a guest of Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade)





* 1981, Prishtinë, Kosova. Studied at Prishtina University, Faculty of Visual Arts. He still lives and works in Prishtina, Kosovo.




2004 “M’vyn ndrim radikal ” – Nova Galerija, Zagreb

2003 “Variations In space ” – Thesaloniki

2003 “ In den Schluchten des Balkan” – Fridericianum, Kassel

2003 “The fish doesn’t think, ose the fish knows everything” curetted by Edi Muka, Art Gallery of Kosova

2003 “You” - Art Gallery of Kosova

2002 “Shiny and elegance” curetted by Sislej Xhafa and Mehmet Behluli / Prishtinë

2002 “We” - Art Gallery of Kosova

2001 “Exhibition of 5 students” curetted by Mehmet Behluli / Prishtinë


2000 “Journeys to memory” curated by Lala Meredith Vula - Art Gallery of Kosova


"Dren Maliqi explores images that display the tensions of a world triumfantly taken over by liberalism and individualism, but a world that is still strongly influenced by the legacy of colectivist ideologies and institutions. He affirms the creative powers of the indvidual and his ego (in his work titled „As“ he courageously portraits Christ, Mohammed, Albanian national hero Skenderbeu, etc, with his own face!), while at the same time he records the yielding fatalities that threaten the individual by eliminating and annihilating his freedom."


2007 – Reenacting Moments in Prishtina




* 1980 born in Mitrovica, Kosovo. Lives and works in Prishtina-Kosovo




1999 – 2003 Fine Academy of Arts in Prishtina

Realized works in video installation, painting, drawing, photo, performance etc….




2007 - ' I – Scream – Free your mind' Area for Contemporary Art and Media, Korcula, Croatia

2007 - ‘Distance’, Center for Contemporary Art ‘Station’, Prishtina, Kosovo

2005 - ‘Meat shop’, 1/60 Insurgent space - National Gallery of Art, Tirana, Albania

2003 - ‘Beings’ Gallery ‘Hani 2 Roberteve ‘, Prishtina – Kosovo


Group shows:


2007 Split Film Festival, Split Croatia

2007 I- Scream 'Ghettho Galler' Split Croatia

2007 'Intothepill at her(his)tory', Cycladic Museum Athens, Greece

2007 Nobodies Story, :/ Seconds, Leeds, England

2007 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany

2007 Screening Program ‘Abingdon Theatre’, New York, USA

2006 ‘Open Day’ International Artist and Writer Winner Residency Exhibition” Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico-USA

2006 “Gift-Objects in Waiting” part of Liverpool Biennale “Man Museum” Liverpool, England

2006“Objects in Waiting” End Gallery, Sheffield, England

2006 Semionauti “Border Crossing III” Kult Gallery, Bologna, Italy

2006“Indefinite Rituals“Leonhardi Culture Projects, Frankfurt, Germany

2006 “ViennaBiennale1”, Vienna, Austria

2006 “Open Day” Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, England

2006 NOMAD screening program "Eclipsed Voices" Amsterdam, Holland

2006 “Border Crossing -Semionauti” C/O Careof, Milan, Italy

2006 “1:1 between personally in contemporary art” HDLU Center Zagreb, Croatia

2005 Our good resolution of the year” National Gallery of Art, Tirana Albania

2005” Video and visual festival “Visura Aperta Momiano” Istra Croatia

2005 International conceptual photo exhibition”Marubi” Tirana Albania

2004 3rd Video Art Fest “home made marmalade“, National Museum, Prishtina, Kosovo

2004 '17th Instants Video nomades”- Paris, Marseille, Nice, Metz, Martigues, France

2004 “Three different cultures in same place” Casa de Cultura, Aliante, Spain

2004 Cetinnje Biennale 5”Love it or Leave it”, National Museum of Montenegro Cetinje, Montenegro

2004 Screening Program “Love it or Leave it”, Art workshop Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia

2004 Screening Program”Love it or Leave it”, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania

2004 Artist of Fun - Artestudio Clocchiatti, Udine, Italy

2004- “Need a radical change”, Nova Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

Public Projects:

2004 ‘SPEAK UP ‘- Art project “Nova” Gallery, Zagreb Croatia.

2004 ‘BESOS’ - Public Art Project, Alicante Spain




2006 Braziers International Artist Residency, Braziers Park, OxfordShire, England

2006 International Artist and Writer Residency, Santa Fe Art Institute, USA

2007 Backyard International Artist Residency,” Kuda-Center for New Media” Novi Sad, Serbia




2007 Reenacting Moments in Prishtina and Belgrade





* 1985 in Vushtrri / Kosovo. He graduated at Faculty of Fine Arts in Pristina,

Kosovo. Currently he is the President of Contemporary Art Space Lemonade in Pristina. In addition to that, he is also an artist, writer and frontman in alternative post punk band ‘Acarina’ 2003 .




'Artists of tomorrow 2005' National Gallery of Arts, Prishtina. 'M.Mulliqi Prize 2005' National Gallery of Arts, Prishtina


'Art Today 2005' Gallery of Arts Ferizaj


'Vexa Ex' in Hani i 2 Roberteve Prishtine  


'Creative women. Illegal Performance 2005' /


2006 'Five minutes Video-Series' Efa Institute-Gallery New York


- Finalist 'EgoArt Prize' National Gallery Bratislava, Slovakia


- 'Moving Image' Cave Gallery Brooklyn NY Curated by Drew Ford 2006./


- 'New York New York' National Gallery, Prishtina, Kosovo, curated by Mehmet Behluli


- '24 Videos' Broadway University New York, Curated by Cai Qing


2007 – Reenacting Moments in Prishtina and Belgrade





*1976, lives and work in Geneva, Switzerland


Manuel Schmalstieg operates on the borderline between video, performance and software art. After experimentation in the fields of graphic novel, animation film and audio production that he carried out during his studies in Geneva (ESBA/atelier zero1) and Krakow (Academy of fine arts/animated film department), he turns at the end of the nineties towards realtime

video. Through his performances and installations, he explores issues of surveillance, control and censorship, confronting the viewer with uncomfortable truths and concealed motivations.




1998-2003 University of Arts (ESBA), Geneva (with Hervé Graumann and Enrique Fontanilles).

Diploma obtained in 2003.

2000-2001 Academy of Fine Arts Cracow (Poland), animated film department.

2003-2007 Assistant at ESBA, Geneva, new media department.


recent works


2007 – Reenacting Moments - Videobridge Prishtina and Belgrade


2007 ÆTHER9 (networked performance, Mapping Festival, Geneva, Switzerland + multiple locations


2006 BLACKBOX:GVA (video performance, Switzerland)


- BABEL PROJECT (new media workshop, in the frame of the 2nd Bucharest biennale, Romania, 2006).


- NO SIGNAL (video surveillance piece for public screen, Geneva central station,



- LOL – laughing out loud (media performance, developed for the swiss digital arts foundation «». Presented in Paris (Galerie Les Voûtes), Belgrade (SKC), Basel


2004 (Plug.In), St-Gallen (Neue Kunst Halle).


- HAMLET.3.1 (software, RUNME festival).


- BALKAN PROMENADE (audio-visual performance, presented in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia-Montenegro and Slovenia).


2003 - ONYX.0+33 audiovisual archive.


2003 – ongoing LOL (laughing out loud)





*1979, Belgrade.


Graduated on sculpture department in the class of the professor Mrđan Bajić at The Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. At the moment finishing postgraduate studies in the same school.

One of the founders and a member of the artists group Currently enrolled as teaching assistant of drawing at The Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.

2004. years winner of the "Mangelos" award for the best young visual artist given by the Center for Contemporary Art in Belgrade and sponsored by the Trust For Mutual Understanding New York.


Soloshows and performances:


2007. “Emotional gadgets” at the gallery of Youth Center of Belgrade

2006. Video works (gallery of Center for Culture in Sopot, Serbia)

2006. Three serials (gallery Siemens Art_Lab, Vienna, Austria)

2004. "Multi play Me" exhibition and performance "Audio in/out pro." (gallery of Youth Center of Belgrade and the Academia club)


2007 Sex, Work, Society (for the Musem night in Kontext gallery, Belgrade)

2007. „DeeVeeDee“projections of video compilation (Pasadena Museum of California Art i ATA, San Francisco, California)


2007 Sex, Work, Society, Red dawns Festival, (Alkatraz gallery, Ljubljana)

2006. Device_Art 2.006 (exhibition shown in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belgrade and San Francisko)


2004-06 "Central 2" (Hilger gallery, Vienna, SEE traveling show Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia)


2006 “Protection of nature” visual art biannual Pancevo


2006 ++ (City gallery, Smederevo)


2006 “Zoom to Fit”, first exhibition of the art initiative (Ozon gallery, Belgrade)


2005 “Visual sign and the architecture” (Center for Culture, Pancevo, Serbia)

2005. “Border Disorder” (Student cultural center, Belgrade)


2005 “Catch me” Belgrade October saloon (ULUS gallery)




Participated in many workshops in Belgrade, Salzburg, Berlin, Vienna, Helsinki and a residency program in New York City.


2007 – Reenacting Moments in Prishtina and Belgrade





*76 Student an der Städelschule in Frankfurt, lebt und arbeit in Ffm, ein Kind.


2007 – Reenacting Moments in Prishtina and Belgrade





lives in Prishtina, Kosovo and Austria, Linz. Working as an art teacher and artist, is dealing with video and contemporary art topics.


2007 – Reenacting Moments in Prishtina and Belgrade