Carolin Bühler

Murray Gaylard



Venetian Police:

Do you do this?



Yes. It’s a performance.


Venetian Police:




It’s about tourism and the traces that are left behind. I am following them.


Venetian Police:

Ah, you are an artist. I see. No, it is not allowed to write on here. It is a historic city. It is not allowed.



Yes, but it’s only chalk. It’ll wash away with the rain. I mean, look at all the bird shit.


Venetian Police:

I’m sorry. You cannot leave your marks on Venice.


(Conversation with police officials in Venice, 29.02.2008)






Elisabeth Hatscher

Britta Kamptner

Xue Liu

Silja Nordhoff

Sarah Schoderer

René Schohe

Jessica Sehrt

Christa Näher