"Pour ce laine"



Henrik Olai Kaarstein, Colin Whitaker & Phillip Zach


Opening: 30.11.2012 / 7 pm - open end


Duration: 1.12.2012 - 4.12.2012

Opening hours: 7-10 pm and on appointment (0176-47589463)


Adress: Seilerstr. 36, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Pavillon




And whoever observes the work upon […] their best […] purcellans, will find their beauty is all of this kind (that is) without order. (1690:58)


Though it is not quite a softcore pornographic film, this sex drama never quite manages to tell a story.



"Porcelain" - “Purring Porcelaine"


I watch him from down the hallway; he is talking to his best friend, probably gossiping about the latest fashion trends. His light brown hair (that is actually really silky and soft, when it doesn't have a ton of product in it) is perfectly coiffed. Porcelaine dogs. Gold tiles. Yellow seems smooth, red is sticky, violet is taking away your buzz. Before he feeds Puppy Porcelaine, he should wash his hands. Not after. With a shaky hand he approaches the nose.


The glossy surface makes him wish his c**k were more like canned liver. Luckily his a*****e is already (…). A Porcelaine’s tongue is as splendid as moonlight on water. Like it has been soaking in sweet Tea since FOREVER. Sticky&juicy, sweet & joyful. He has on a purple silk-something shirt, that clings in all the right places. Out on the field, he is an energetic, tireless and passionate hunter but at home he is docile and friendly. He is independent and brave, hunting in packs and used to working with minimal directions from his owners.


He has a keen sense of smell and a musical voice. He has no known serious health problems and can live for about 12 to 13 years. And his voice is light and airy, and yeah, it's kinda girly (but that what makes him unique) but it can be masculine too; when he sings, he has this air of confidence about him; it's almost as if he gets transported to another place when he's singing. He's strong and independent, knows exactly what he wants.


If you want to learn to love like a real boy loves you should definitely say good evening to Puppy Porcelaine (“Guten Abend, Hunde Jugend Porzellan”). Swoon Puppy Porcelaine with your best jokes (Puppy Porcelaine loves to laugh as much as He likes to force reflective surfaces up his Cave of Eden (all roads lead to (…)).


He kinda reminds me of a porcelain doll; his skin is a beautiful shade of pale (that he covers with make-up that he doesn't need) and is baby soft from his vigorous nightly moisturizing routine. He is obviously trying his best. (But as we are learning everyday “our best” is simply not “good enough”). Don’t beat Puppy Porcelaine, join puppy Porcelaine. He should at least learn how to dress well. And he should try better than his best. Three spinster witches did not succeed and their (now) voluptuous asses are breaking the backs of the nation’s horses.


He must have felt me staring, because he turns his head in my direction and lifts the sunglasses off his nose and arches a perfectly manicured eyebrow in my direction. I come up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist and press a kiss to his cheek. I whisper in his ear, "The hairs on your neck in lost embrace? I love the tiny veins on your back They remind me of the way That porcelain cracks.” Kissing another breed is so liberating you just want to stay in the Moment of Spit. For a dog like Puppy Porcelaine every day is like Spitfull Sunday. On Sundays He eats roast.


Kindly supported by the supervisory school authority and the Culture Board of Frankfurt am Main


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