So ist das Leben!

We are pleased to present a collection of paintings

by Huseyin Oylum at Babylon for one night.


Adress: Babylon, Alte Gasse 34, 60313 Frankfurt am Main


One Night Show: Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015, 8.00 pm h





Gestures half-form, then end up in suffering

After walking a bit you’d rather go home

To sprawl in depression and lie on your bed,

Your body of sorrow’s heavy with presence.


Outside it’s hot and the sky is magnificent,

Life puts the bodies of the young in a spin

And nature calls them to the rite of spring

You’re alone, haunted by the image of nothing


And you feel the weight of flesh, and loneliness

And you don’t believe in life on this earth

Your worn-out heart flutters and struggles


And makes your limbs go heavy with blood,

You’ve forgotten how people make love,

Night falls like a sentence of death.



(in: Michel Houllebecq, The Art of Struggle,

Translation and Introduction by Delphine Grass

and Timothy Mathews, London 2010, p.9,